Coaching Clients 

Identifying tangible goals was very helpful. I needed to put down on paper and commit to creating a better relationship with my board members at work, to create an album by October (which is going according to plan!), and striking a balance between art, work and play. Sean’s coaching was helpful for setting the groundwork, creating milestones, and getting the tasks done.
— Tracy J., Artist/Non-Profit Executive/Musician
I am someone that had never thought working with a coach would help because I think and analyze so much in my head already. But the reality is we are quite biased about how we perceive and create in our own minds. Working with a coach provides an objective viewpoint from someone that is on your team!
— Erin C, Professional Photographer/Creative Entrepreneur, Thailand
For most of my waking life, I have people asking, begging, screaming, demanding, and sanctioning ME to do things to enrich THEIR lives, instead of doing it themselves. Sean is one of the FEW people that ask me to do things to enrich my own life. I love him for that.
— John A, Food Truck Boss & Multipreneur, California
The most valuable part of working with Sean was personal accountability and realizing that if you do not proactively put time towards goals that are important to you, they may never come to fruition. Having a support system in you made me believe in myself when I was full of doubt. Allowing yourself to get insight on why you may be engaging in similar patterns over and over again without realizing (whether negative or positive) and capitalizing on those that serve you best.
— Lauren C, Photo Producer, Santa Barbara CA
Sean delivers by making me deliver. He was always prepared and our conversations were substantive which meant I had to be prepared for our meetings. Sean required me to dig deep, take a breath and truly consider what I wanted. He then patiently walked me through the thought process to lay out the steps I needed to take to get what I wanted.
— Morgan, US Diplomat / Triathlete, Washington DC
Coaching helped me get serious about taking my life fulfillment into my own hands instead of waiting on someone else (an employer, an academic program) to give it to me. That helped me minimize resentment, fear, and pressure in my life, which improved my general outlook and my sense of self.
— Meghan M, Non-Profit Professional / Writer / Educator, Washington DC
Coaching truly feels like time devoted to yourself, where the coach is fully invested in your best outcome. It makes the participant really feel valued and empowered. A coach is helpful in bringing new practices and questions that the participant would never think of (or look for) on their own. Most importantly, they keep you accountable and continually striving for your own goals.
— Bianca B, Producer, Washington DC