What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional service where a trained coach works with a client to create what they really want but what they are too overwhelmed, unclear, or scared to create. It is a partnership where we design the biggest, boldest most beautiful future possible and the coach brings a skill set that includes unwavering accountability, powerful questioning, strategic planning, and a willingness to have the conversations necessary to get someone out of their own way, and into powerful action. Coaching with Joy Riders is about creating our lives, workplaces, and communities with more connectedness and space for creativity, leadership, and joy. 

Identifying tangible goals was very helpful. I needed to put down on paper and commit to creating a better relationship with my board members at work, to create an album by October (which is going according to plan!), and striking a balance between art, work and play. Sean’s coaching was helpful for setting the groundwork, creating milestones, and getting the tasks done.
— Tracy J, Artist/Non-Profit Executive/Musician

What we offer 

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Multi-month commitments to creating big breakthroughs in work and personal life. 
  • Coaching sessions take place remotely by phone or video conference; in person coaching can be set up for certain clients. 
  • Coaching process involves: identifying big goals, putting plans in place to get there, and cutting out any bullshit that isn't serving a client in achieving that goal. 

Group Coaching

  • Multi-month commitments to creating big breakthroughs in work and personal life. 
  • Sessions consist of small groups of peers; individuals sign up and are paired with an appropriate group designed to challenge and inspire. 
  • We also create custom group coaching experiences for corporate and organizational settings. 

I am someone that had never thought working with a coach would help because I think and analyze so much in my head already. But the reality is we are quite biased about how we perceive and create in our own minds. Working with a coach provides an objective viewpoint from someone that is on your team!
— Erin C, Professional Photographer/Creative Entrepreneur, Thailand

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