Transformation 2018

If you could transform anything this year, what would it be? What part of your life do you want to look dramatically different 12 months from now? What aspect of your business, or the world? Or if dramatic changes aren’t your cup of tea, is there a new level of success or happiness you want to achieve?

I’m in the business of transformation, both the drastic grand ones and the incremental ones that summate to big changes over time. I help people get clear on what they want to transform, and then I help them operate from their best selves--their most fierce selves--to bring that transformation about. I believe people are capable of amazing things and have the power to transform elements of their lives and the world around them in astounding ways.

If you’re up for transformation this year, here are a few tips to support you.

Have a strong why. What’s the reason behind your transformation? Why do you want this? It’s important to make sure it has its roots in your soul’s deepest calling, and not in your ideas of what others expect of you. When we try and achieve things because we think that our loved ones--or strangers from social media--want or expect from us, we’re setting ourselves up for undue struggle.

Don’t do it alone. Oh, humans. Doing it alone is our go-to modality. People are astoundingly hesitant to ask for help, to let others in on what they’re trying to achieve, and to generally be vulnerable. Doing it alone is most likely your default. Try a new way. What could you transform if you stopped going through the world woefully under supported? Make some changes this year to beef up your personal support staff of friends and collaborators who are there to partner with you, hold you accountable, cheer you on, and get a coffee or a beer with you when you just want to BE.

Lean into the fun and the fear. If you find yourself in a situation that feels equal parts scary and invigorating,’re on to something! Transforming aspects of our lives should be both of these things.

As usual with the We Roam community, I’m available for complimentary consultations and coaching sessions to look at your own transformation for this year. Schedule with me here or reach out to connect.

Sean is the CEO of Joy Riders, a company designed to help people find ways to create more joy within themselves and in their communities. He is a professional life and leadership coach, who leads trips of people around the world, loves to identify wildlife, and is a total map geek.