Stop. Drop. And Reflect.

In December, latitudes in the northern hemisphere experience the shortest amount of daylight in their annual trip around the sun. You won’t notice this much if you’re close to the equator, but it’s acutely felt when the sun dips below the horizon before 5 PM in Stockholm or Boston. It’s also the month that closes out the annual cycle of the Gregorian calendar; when people around the globe celebrate the arrival of a new year.

The natural rhythm of the calendar tells us to slow down. To take stock. To celebrate. And whether you’re in Indonesia or Morocco or Vietnam, it’s a good time of the year to seize this opportunity. It may provide a much needed recharge.

As a coach, I often experience my clients doing, doing, and doing. There’s always a race to do more along with an anxiety that maybe they’re not doing enough. And they don’t often allow much of a chance to pause and reflect on their progress or on what they’ve completed before barreling into the next thing.

As we enter this season of reflection, take the time to slow down and notice. Notice where you’ve been putting your energies. What you have created? What has worked well and what hasn’t? What you want more of and what no longer serves you? What can you CELEBRATE from this past year?

I invite you to actually use these prompts and questions from above. Get your head clear with some exercise or some time spent outside, and then plop yourself down at a cafe or at the beach (or in the shared workspace with some coffee or tea). Do it solo or with fellow Roamers. Taking time to reflect and get complete about how the last year went will give you a much cleaner slate from which to powerfully and joyfully step into the new year.

If you could use some coaching support to reflect, take stock, and powerfully create and tackle what is next, I’m available for complimentary consultations and coaching sessions. Schedule with me here or reach out to connect.

Sean is the CEO of Joy Riders, a company designed to help people find ways to create more joy within themselves and in their communities. He is a professional life and leadership coach, who leads trips of people around the world, loves to identify wildlife, and is a total map geek.